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School of Sustainable Urbanisation

The School will strengthen and expand CSE’s programme on sustainable urban mobility and clean vehicles to help Indian cities achieve the objectives of public health and energy security and climate mitigation. The School aims to meet clean air goals to protect public health and ensure climate co-benefits.
To achieve these long term goals, the School will help build policy awareness to accelerate the roadmap for clean and fuel efficient vehicles and clean fuels;  scale up transportation alternatives in cities based on equity and sustainability, achieve urban forms to reduce vehicles miles travelled. Work with effective levers at the national and state levels in India to scale up impact.
This programme will further build on the policy opportunities for such interventions. The government of India has already initiated air quality management programme and further tightened the air quality standards; announced the Habitat Mission under the National Climate Action Plan and is developing sustainable habitat standards with transportation as one of the key focus; the national urban renewal mission is being reviewed for wider application. In addition to this the Individual cities have begun to develop city action plans on air quality and mobility management. State governments are also evolving state-wide policies.
  • Achieve sustainable mobility in cities and states of India and South Asia learning from global best practices.
  • Build regulatory and societal capacity to enable policy change and implementation in cities
  • Influence national policies on clean air, vehicular emissions, fuel-efficient vehicles and mobility policies
  • Influence the ongoing reform of the urban renewal mission on mobility and habitat standards in India
  • Awareness creation and outreach for change
Sustainable Building:
An integral part of the School, the Sustainable Buildings programme aims to contribute to an effective regulatory framework and capacity to evaluate and monitor large building projects based on a range of sustainability criteria to minimize their environment impact in terms of energy use, waste generation and waste heat.
Courses offered
Building Better: Policies and Practices
Building Better: Policies and Practices

Three - day programme  to deepen understanding of concepts of sustainability in building design & construction

Hazardous Waste Management
Hazardous Waste Management

A Hands- On Three-Day training 

Managing Urban Air Quality
Managing Urban Air Quality

Orientation Programme on Managing Urban Air Quality: Focus on Clean Vehicle Technology and Fuels