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Southern Centre for Climate Change

The Centre will act as a focal point for Southern, cross-country research on key aspects of climate policy and enrich analysis as well as help build capacity in the South in the field of climate policy.

We know that climate change is real and an urgent problem, that developing countries are in the unenviable position of needing to manage their development process while dealing with the climate challenges. 

Key questions the Centre will address: 

(a) How will the global burdens and effort to tackle the climate problem be shared among countries, and how might one be able to do so fairly and equitably?  How do we advance this agenda in the South as well as the North?  

(b) How do we simultaneously address the need to promote sustainable development with the need to tackle climate change? How can we develop approaches that work for developing countries with very different needs, context, and capabilities?  How do we learn from and build synergies across these countries?  

(c) How do we best navigate the mitigation and adaptation challenges in different developing countries, given again their very different needs, context, and capabilities? 

(d) What kind of innovative domestic and international (North-South, and South-South) partnerships can help meet these multi-variegated and pressing challenges?

In time, the proposed Centre would become a key node on research, policy support and capacity building in the field of climate policy.  The intention is to leverage existing capacity and give it greater depth by providing opportunities for sustained interactions through topical meeting/programmes and by providing opportunity to be in residence with other scholars.

Key Activities

(a) Provide a platform for climate policy research and analysis through in-residence cross national and multi-disciplinary scholars and a network of institutions and individuals worldwide.

(b) Convene experts, scientists, bureaucrats, businesses (both public and private), civil society and activists to deliberate on specific aspects of climate policy and its practice at the national and global level.  

(c) Serve as a robust clearing house and platform for Southern perspectives on climate politics and policies as well as dissemination and communication of such information; and, most importantly.


Courses offered
Where words mean the world: Climate Change negotiations
Where words mean the world: Climate Change negotiations

A training program on climate politics and negotiations for probationary Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officers