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BOOTCAMP: Covering India

Feb. 1, 2013-Feb. 15, 2013 , New Delhi
BOOTCAMP: Covering India

This year’s Bootcamp was attended by 12 very bright and motivated young film makers, journalist, research fellow, working in education sector, an IITian, teacher from Bangladesh, India and Nepal come together. The fortnight long course participants interacted and learnt from eminent speakers.

Aditya Batra (Prog Dir– South Asia Prog),
Richard Mahapatra (Senior Editor, Down to Earth Magazine);
Reetika Khera (Prof, IIT, Delhi associated with Right to Food);
Shivam Vij (Founder, Kafila);
Bharat Lal Seth (Deputy Prog Manager, Water Advocacy);
Venu Arora (Co Founder/Director Ideosync Media Combine);
Nitin Sethi (Principal Correspondent, Hindu);
Sugandh Juneja (Deputy Prog Manager, Industry and Environment);
Amit Baruah (Prog Dir, Education and Training)
Ritwick Dutta (Lawyer with National Green Tribunal);Interaction with
Anupam Mishra (Head, Gandhi Peace Foundation);
Akash Hingorani (Principal Architect, Oasis Design Inc)
Pratap Pandey (Writer, Freelance Consultant);
Jonas Hamberg and C Joel Kumar (Research Assistant, Renewable Energy Prog)

Course Assignment

Participant Feedback
Mayank Chandra: Totally changed my perspective towards environment. As an IITian doing Agriculture Engineering for five years I had not seen a watershed. But during this fortnight I have seen many watersheds, understood the science of it and met communities who benefit from them.

Supriya Sobti: When applying for this course I was hoping to tap into some local issues that are of global importance and interest. A good chunk of what was covered in the programme did make for that. I have got research material and plenty of ideas which should translate to some documentaries over the year.

Garima Gorwankar: I will surely ask my friends to join in. I learnt so much from this course especially during the field visit.

Shobaraj Yumlembam: The program structure addressed the relevant issues adequately, the content and the structure of the course was very good.

Mukesh Rajak: A number of expert discussions, movie screenings and classroom exchanges have resulted me in facilitating a better understanding of environmental and developmental rights and solutions both of which need to be looked at with a holistic perspective rather than through a narrow lens perspective. It opened my eyes on the environmental disaster; it motivated me to discover more about Science and environment and to make a constructive story on this issues.

  • Akshay Nikam
    Seva Mandir, Udaipur, Rajasthan
    Amina Begum Shilpi
    Research project on environmental protection and right to information at Article 19
  • Bijay Bist
    Youth Mission, Nepal
    Dhumane Baswant Babarao
    Working as Environment Educator in Center for Environment Education (CEE)
  • Garima Borwankar
    MSc Climate Change and Policy, University Of Sussex, Brighton , UK
    Jorwar Nilima Tukaram
    Visiting Lecturer for P.G. college, Akole
  • Mayank Chandra
    B.tech (Hons.), Agricultural and Food Engineering.
    Muhammad AL- Helal
    Resource Teacher-English at ministry of Education, Dhaka
  • Mukesh
    Community Reporter
    Shobaraj Yumlembam
    Reporter, Imphal Free Press
  • Supriya Sobti
    Journalist MOW Productions - documentary film maker
    Tripti Sharma
    Indus Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.