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Challenge of the Balance

March 26, 2007-April 20, 2007 , New Delhi
Challenge of the Balance
‘Challenge of the Balance’, a month long international summer school for students and young professionals to build a cadre of young environmentalists who will in future take the environmental movement and sensibilities forward.

In keeping with this mandate, this interdisciplinary summer school was held in colloboration with SUM,Centre for Development and the Environment. They were accompanied by their faculty Harold Whilte.

This for credit course had three distinct sections - classroom lecture, field visit and end of the course assignment.

Sunita Narain, Chandrabhushan, Shreekant Gupta, Gita Kavarana; Aditya Batra, Pratap Panday Videh Upadhyay, Salahuddin Saiphy, Richard Mahapatra, Amit Mitra, Farhad Vania, Madhu Sarin Dr. Devinder Sharma, Sopan Joshi, Anumita Roychowdhury, Geetam Tiwari, RK Srini, SV Suresh Babu Kushal Pal Yadav

Agents of change
Natural Resource Management: Water Management
Natural Resource Management: Poverty and Ecological Livelihoods
Ecological rights & Debates in wildlife management
Land resources: Agriculture
Contemporary challenge:Urban growth
Pollution Management
Towards Sustainable Industrialisation
Contemporary challenge > Urban water, pollution
Climate change & global environmental governance
Field Visit
Participants went to Jaipur and saw the water connect between the forts. The next destination was Laporiya, about an hour's drive from Jaipur where they how communities have benifitted from rainwater harvesting of the desertland. They also went to Bhonta Koylala to see community led initiatives to recharge a dying river. They also spoke to communities living in the Sariska Tiger Reserve where they have been living for hundreds of years.
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