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Challenge of the Balance

July 12, 2010-Aug. 12, 2010 , New Delhi
Challenge of the Balance
In 2010 Anil Agarwal Green College conducted this programme collaborating with Engineers without Border (EWB), United Kingdom and South Asia. EWB is an international development organisation that provides opportunities for young people to learn about technology's role in tackling poverty Twenty seven students came together and lived in a hostel from July 12 to August 12, 2010. These were students from diverse background who discussed, debated and deliberated on environmental challenges concerning the global South.

Participant Profile
The interdisciplinary course is for students and young professionals from around the globe. There were 19 members of U K chapter and eight from the South Asia chapters of EWB. We received a large number of applications for the course but we carefully chose a good mix of social science, pure science and engineering participants. There were students from University of Oxford, Cardiff, Cambridge, and others in UK, Tribhuvan and Purbanchal University in Nepal and Thapar University and Indian Institute of Technology India. They were all housed in a hostel near the training centre. After the class they discussed and debated on issues discussed in the class.


CSE’s research team and well known academicians, activist, policy makers in the government, lawyers, economists, social scientists to name a few.

Some of the eminent speakers we invited were

Biraj Patnaik , Advisor to Food Commissioner of India;

Rajeshwari Raina Senior Scientist (National Institute Science Technology And Development Studies);

Amita Singh Chairperson & Professor at the Centre for the Study of Law and Governance Jawaharlal Nehru University;

Rohan D Souza from Centre for Study of Science Policy; Madhu Sarin of Centre for People and Forest;

Sanjay Prakash Senior Advisor at Indian Instiutute of Human Settlements;

Bharti Chaturvedi Founder and Director at Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group;

Dr Ambuj Sagar is Professor of Policy Studies at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.
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As a part of the course work the participants write, edit and produce a magazine of their own. During this course they published a magazine that they called ‘Be the Change’. (http://www.cseindia.org/userfiles/Be_the_Change.pdf). This was inspired by the good grassroots initiative that they encountered during the field visit which we conduct during the course tenure.

Leo Isaac Dognin: Good learning about India’s development challenges and experience

Arushi Mittal: Issues covered during the course was relevant and proper time was given for discussions, which proved very thought provoking

Simon Blower: It does give a good understanding of issues faced by other nations and how these issues differ greatly, country to country, and how this affects all of us whether we live there or not.

Anthony Chan: Much more wholesome than other summer schools

David Burgess: It provides a very good introduction and wide and important issues directly applicable and relevant to most people

Rajiv Panda: I think environment literacy is a must. This course is good for this.

Pratbha Duwal: It is an integrated course

Akshit. S: I will definitely recommend this course to my friends who think of these issues but have failed to gain exposure to them.

Joe Miller: Very rewarding and a chance to meet like minded people

Thoe Gibbons: Good value for money

Mirona Agachi
: I now believe that individuals have a greater role in the problem’s resolution than I did before. I really think now that if everyone changes at one’s level then change can happen.

  • Mr Akshit S.
    B tech Electrical Engg
    Mr Anthony Chan 
    Chemical Engg
  • Mr Dan Smith
    Civil and Environmental Engg
    Mr David Burgess 
    Engineering Science 
  • Mr Hok Lam Tang 
    B.E. Civil Engg
    Mr James Lewis
    B E Mechanical Engg
  • Mr Joe Miller 
    Civil & Environmental Engg
    Mr Leo Isaac Dognin 
    Land Economy
  • Mr Rajiv Ratan Panda
    MBA (Energy)
    Mr Simon Blower
    B.E. Civil Engg
  • Mr Theo Gibbons
    History and Spanish
    Ms Arushi Mittal
    B. Tech Civil Engg
  • Ms Clare Taylor
    Masters in Engg
    Ms Emily Nix 
    Mechanical Engg 
  • Ms Emily Sexton
    Ms Ida Helgegren
  • Ms Ilana Cohen
    Biology & Env. Studies
    Ms Katie Goode 
    B.E Civil Engg 
  • Ms Mirona Agachi 
    Politics and Sociology
    Ms Penny Gilg 
    M Engg Civil & Environmental Engg
  • Ms Pratibha Duwal 
    Masters in Environmental Science 
    Ms Ranjeeta  Maharajan 
    B.Arch, Institute of Engineering
  • Ms Sachi Findlater
    Manufacturing Engg
    Ms Sangita Bista
    Masters  Rural Development Studies
  • Ms Shrijana Joshi 
    Bachelor of Public Health
    Ms Siobhan McGrath 
    Water & Sanitation, Member EWB Ireland
  • Ms Urmila Dongol 
    Interdisciplinary Water Resource Management