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Challenge of the Balance

Aug. 1, 2011-Aug. 30, 2011 , New Delhi
Challenge of the Balance

For this summer school 20 students, (members of EWB -UK) studying in different universities, participated in the month long course held in August. We also invited a young lawyer from Bangladesh, students from Sri Lanka and Nepal along with two Indian participants – a young professional working in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh and a young research scholar. Members of EWB UK came from Universities of Cambridge, Exeter, Bristol, Southampton, Cardiff, Plymouth, Oxford, Brookes to name some. There was also a school teacher who took back her experiences to share with her pupils.
This year, the notable speakers were Anumita Roychowdhury (ExDirector, Research &Advocacy and Head of the Air Pollution and Clean Transportation Programme, CSE) who spoke on Tracking change: Chandra Bhushan (Deputy Director General CSE) spoke on Climate politics: Southern responses. From villages to cities; Rohan D’Souza (Asst Prof, Centre for Studies in Science Policy, School of Social Sciences, JNU) on Environmental Histories and Environmental Change: Should the ‘Past’ talk to the 'Future'; Shankar Gopalakrishnan (Campaign for Survival and Dignity) spoke on Ecological rights and conflicts; Understanding EIA: Industrialization and accountability; public consultation by Kanchi Kohli (Kalpvriksh). In all there were 26 lectures of which 15 were by external faculty which included eminent professors, policy makers, activists, and people working at the grassroots.

The course culminated with the students documenting their travel and study. The magazine and a web documentary produced is the outcome of all the debate and deliberations that have happened in the past one month. This is also an exercise through which they learn to work as a team. They choose an editor, copy editors, reporters, photographers, web designers, and print designers amongst within the class and worked to produce a magazine and web pages. This year they named the magazine ‘Paradigm’.

Feedback from students
Abbi Woolfe: Lots of social science lectures which I found interesting and useful. But need some solutions too.

Holly Geipel: Very informative and learnt a lot from the field trip.

Tabbassum Makhduma: I am from Bangladesh was expecting some lectures with South Asian context. But overall, had a great experience.

Narender Paul: Very good beginner’s course to understand the debate

Martin Lines: Had a great time working on the magazine.

Tim Hasid: Some more interactive workshops and less of lectures

Ian Mach: This was a great amount of learning in a month

Tomas Llasera Albedi: Some of the lectures were good and inspirational

Joshua Flowers: The field visit was very informative but some engagement with the local community was wanted.

Stepahnie Munn: I like Indian food. Enjoyed the whole experience
  • Mr. Ashley Frampton
    Mr. Ian Mach
  • Mr. James Shipton
    Mr. James Wilson
  • Mr. Joshua Flower
    Mr. Martin Lines
  • Mr. Muthu Krishna
    Mr. Narender Paul
    Cord Training Centre , H.P.
  • Mr. Nick Madani
    Mr. Rakesh Kalva
    SGB Amravati Univ
  • Mr. Rishi Singh
    Mr. Timoty Hasid
  • Mr. Tomas Llasera
    Mr. Vicky Koirala
    Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Ms. Abigail Woolf
    Cambridge University
    Ms. Anna Bambrick
    Teach First
  • Ms. Anoka Primrose Abeyrathne
    Open Univ of Sri Lanka
    Ms. Cara Francis
  • Ms. Elizabeth Richardson
    Ms. Henrietta Malpass
  • Ms. Holly Geipel
    Ms. Ratna Bhusal
    Cambridge University
  • Ms. Stephanie Munn
    Ms. Tabassum Mokhduma
    Bngldsh Env Lawyers Asso.
  • Ms. William Brotherhood
    Oxford, Brookes