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Agenda for Survival

June 1, 2012-June 30, 2012 , New Delhi
Agenda for Survival
Like each year, 2012 ‘Agenda for Survival’, saw a bunch of 23 enthusiastic girls and boys attend the course. This is the fifth year of the course wherein 119 students – 49 boys and 70 girls – have taken the course. As in the previous years, this year too young people with diverse educational background – at undergraduate level, or those doing their Masters, M. Phil, and doctoral, post-doctoral studies participated in the course. There was a lot of interest for this course from young professionals working in the NGO sector as well.

Eminent speakers like Kanchi Kohil, K.T.Ravindran, Chetan Agarwal delivered lectures. CSE’s research team too informed them on issues of food safety, health, air pollution issues and other environmental issues. Grassroot activist like Santu who is a rag picker and has organised a rag pickers association, came to interact with the students too.

Magazine Assignment
The course culminated with the students documenting their travel and study. The magazine and a web documentary produced is the outcome of all the debate and deliberations that have happened in the past one month. This is also an exercise through which they learn to work as a team. They choose an editor, copy editors, reporters, photographers, web designers, and print designers amongst within the class and worked to produce a magazine and web pages. This year they named the magazine Hillscribe

Chandni Chandran: I feel that I would have missed something big if I hadn’t attended this. Now I know environment is not something to be managed.

Rangla Adam: The course is good and informative. We now need a similar course for those already working in the field.

Dhaval Mehta: My perception on environment has gained greater depth. It has allowed me to stitch together facts that I knew into rudimentary arguments/opinions/ ideology. Most of all, it has given me a ton more to think about and engage with.

Aksath J: My perception hasn’t changed, but definitely feel empowered now. Having met important people who’ve been engaged in these debates has made my network stronger. And having met like-minded drifters has made perspectives more interesting.

Stanzin Namgail:
The field visit was very useful and informative. Learning about the issue, particularly the dam related, was very informative.

Amir Alam: As I am a computer science student, had no clue about what environment was. This course gave me an understanding about it. Think, the discussion should be termed not as environment and developmental challenges but sustainable development challenges.

Mahek Singh: This month long course completely changed the way I looked and understood issues concerning environment.

Udit Gupta: I liked the fact that not only environmental issues were discussed but issues regarding development and economics were also talked about.

Anubha Sharma: The terms ‘Development’ and ‘Globalisation’ have been redefined for me. Field trips were eye opener. I am now more sensitized version of ‘earlier me’ when it comes to environment, policy making and their implementation.

Abhishek Jain: Previously I thought of environment as flora and fauna. I actually feel stupid as to how restricted my thinking was previously.

Yugal Raj Jain: Definitely the learnings out of this course has been far more than my expectations. It has given me new perspective and a whole set of new ideologies to explore further.

  • Mr. Abhishek Jain
    Mr. Akshath Jitendranath
    B.Sc. Economics, Symbiosis School Of Economics
  • Mr. Amir Alam
    College Of Vocational Studies, DU
    Mr. Ankit Dhingra
    M.E, BITS, Pilani
  • Mr. Anurag Tiwari
    B.Tech , Biotechnology
    Mr. Dhawal Mehta
    Biological Engg. , college of Engg.
  • Mr. Manjeeth Rai
    Hospitality Management, College of Tech and Mgmt
    Mr. Mukund Rao Palat
    B.Tech Chem Engg., Amrita School Of Engg.
  • Mr. Rangla Adam Kharam
    Working With Centre For Social Development
    Mr. Stanzin Namgail
    M.Phil In Sociology, Jammu University
  • Mr. Udit Gupta
    B.Tech, Indian School Of Mines
    Mr. Varun Kumar
    B.Tech Agriculture, SHIATS
  • Mr. Yugal Raj Jain
    NSIT, Delhi
    Ms. Anubha Tewari
    Political Science (H) , Delhi University
  • Ms. Anuradha Karmaakar
    College Of Social Work
    Ms. Chandani Chandran
    Integrated masters Of Arts, IIT
  • Ms. Chhavi Sharda
    M.Tech Environment Engineering
    Ms. Jahanvi Jayant Sharma
    Mass Media, Mumbai University
  • Ms. Mehak Singh
    Phd. In Social work
    Ms. Monica Yadav
    Chem. Engg. IIT
  • Ms. Pranati Gogoi
    B.Sc. Botany(H), Delhi University
    Ms. Satvika Kumbhare
    M.Sc. Biodiversity
  • Ms. Shweta Abhay Gandhe
    Ramdeobaba College Of Engineering