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C4C: Capacity for Change

A fortnight long programme to enhance the talent and competence of civil society practioners across South Asia.

C4C: Capacity for Change
Who should apply


It is for those who wish to join the non-governmental sector or those who are already in it and would like to enhance their capacities; those who possess some ideals and belief that the work they do affect and transforms, for the betterment of people. The more you know how to process things, the better you are. How else will you question better?

Primarily, to effect a transformation, to be part of a process that leads to transformation, you also have to learn. That is what C4C is all about. Teach yourself to be true, truthful, a data-sweeper and data-cruncher; someone who intervenes for a reason.

The programme is predicated on our institutional experience of having been involved in advocacy, awareness and shaping policy discourse and implementation for more than 25 years.  How can you deliver on something if you do not know how and where to find it?

C4C is an opportunity to stay true to change. You want to know how to push it? How does one arm oneself to change things? Do you have the capacity for change?         

Come to the programme to clear some doubts. Come also because you know the doubts, and want to move on to build a better future. 


What will be discussed
  • Communication & advocacy: Is the pen really mightier?
  • Environmental advocacy & campaigns: Case studies 
  • Law & environment: Legal tools & strategies
  • Tools for activists: How online & offline media tools work
  • Field visit
  • Assignment: Developing an effective campaign strategy



Leading lawyers, grassroot activists, noted academicians, policy experts, and CSE’s experienced research and programme staff comprise the faculty.

General Instructions

Course Fee: INR 6,000 (Includes training fees, local field excursions, select reading materials, together with lunch and refreshments during all training days.)

Note: Please pay your fee after your participation in the course is confirmed. When sending your draft/cheque, do mention on the envelope the name of the course. Also, email the draft/cheque number to course contact.

For Information Contact

How to apply

Write a short covering note about the work that you do or intend to do and how this week long course will help you further your cause. Send it along with your latest curriculum vitae.

Course Contact

Sharmila Sinha 
Deputy Prog Manager
Education & Training
Centre for Science and Environment
41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110062
Email: sharmila@cseindia.org/ cseindiasharmila@gmail.com 
Office Tel: +91 (011) 29955124   +91 (011) 29955124 / 125 / 
Fax: +91 (011) 29955879

Training Venue

Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute
38, Tughlakabad Institutional Area
New Delhi–110062