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Where words mean the world: Climate Change negotiations

A training program on climate politics and negotiations for probationary Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officers 

Where words mean the world: Climate Change negotiations

A short, intense course that introduced participants to how multilateral environmental agreements or MEAs are negotiated, real-time, introducing the participants on the  climate change treaty, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change or UNFCCC, which nations have been negotiating since 1994.

The UNFCCC negotiation process is approaching a crucial deadline. By 2015, some form of agreement to mitigate climate change must be framed. It must have the consensus of nearly 200 nations—rich, poor and poorer. The idea behind conducting such a course was to provide an engaging context to its participants to be able to answer questions such as ‘Will the world manage to prevent run-away climate change? What are MEAs, such as the one on climate change, really about?’ In exploring answers, participants were expected to experience, among other things, the real challenge in diplomacy that exists. 

Preparatory material for mock negotiations to be handed out: 1. BASIC Position Brief 2. EU Position Brief 3. G77 and China Position Brief 4. LDC and AOSIS Position Brief 5. Umbrella Group Position Brief 6. Draft Negotiations Text 7. MockCOP 21 Plan: Details of the exercise 8. 2020 Mitigation Targets 


1 - Climate Change negotiations: Then and Now

2- Climate change, monsoons and extreme weather events

3- Energy politics in the world

4- History of Climate Change Negotiations and Climate Jargons

5- Situating India in global environmental governance architecture

6- Panel Discussion on Renewable Energy, the Way Ahead

General Instructions
This is a course for IFS probationers. 
For Information Contact

Uthra Radhakrishnan
Email: uthra@cseindia.org
Tel: +91 11 29955124


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